jueves, octubre 08, 2015

Rivers of blood and gold

Rivers of blood and gold

Everything you hold dear
will turn to dust after the war,
right in front your eyes,
right before dawn,
and you will lose your heart to me.

But tonight...
Oh, my dear,
you can be everything you want tonight.

You can dance, 
or you can fly.
You can be a god in earth and heaven.
Or maybe a bird in the clouds, 
a light in the darkness of night.

But run, little boy, 
run 'till your lungs scream for air.
Do it, do it now,
make me go after you, 
hunt you down.

And I'll make you cry
rivers of blood and gold,
of fear and despair.

I promise you, it won't hurt... much.
Oh, sweetheart, 
you can say goodbye
to those eyes of green magic and red fire,
of course you can.

Say your farewell
while you see them going quiet,
going dead.

Those eyes you love 
now empty of life,
empty of her.