lunes, octubre 27, 2014

Dead hope

Dead hope

Some nights all the lights fade out,
all the stars disappear into the darkness.
Some nights there’s just a dead hope,
just a grave with the name of life.

Sometimes it makes you want to cry,
to cry until you scream at the top of your lungs
Sometimes it makes your head hurt,
until it hurts so much that you give up.

I don't even know what I’m doing here,
I just want to close my eyes for a while.
I don't even want to sleep with my dreams,
and my dreams are afraid of the dead hope.

Because you try and it’s never enough,
it never works, and you’re not the one.
Because you can’t win when you’re losing,
you can’t if it means breaking your heart.

“My mistake”, you said again and again,
you whispered that to everyone again.
“My mistake”, that’s what you repeat,
and in the end, that’s what you believe.

I don’t even want to be that person,
the one who thinks too much,
I don’t even know how to stop it,

being the one whose hope is dead.

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Hola, bonita :3

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